Editorial: A homerun internship

Editorial: A homerun internship

This year, I had the privilege of interning with the worst Major League Baseball team in the 2018 season, and I loved every minute of it.

When I was in the fifth grade, my class participated in a program where students were able to learn what it was like to work in a specific field for the day.  We had to “apply” for the job and then interview for the top three positions we were interested in.

My top position was manager for the sports store.  In my interview, I was asked why I wanted the position.  My nine-year-old self simply said, “Because girls like sports too, and boys need to know that.”  Never in my dreams did I think that 11 years later I would be asked the same question, sitting in the conference room of the Baltimore Orioles MLB team.

Joining the Baltimore Orioles’ Community Relations department as one of the 20 Baserunners opened my eyes to the amount of collaboration and effort that goes into orchestrating a successfully-run baseball game.

For the next six months, we were faced with countless long nights and early mornings, rain delays and angry fans, and yet made some of the best memories.  We created a bond in no time, a bond that previous Baserunners said lasts forever.  Finding an internship for me was like finding a second home.

Here’s my advice for securing an internship perfect for you:

  • Find something you are passionate about. It does not need to be something you are necessarily good at or know everything about; the beauty of an internship is that you will learn as you progress through it.
  • Network with your professors to gain insights related to the field you’re interested in—chances are, they have connections within the industry and can offer a recommendation for a specific company or position.
  • Internships are like a test run before the main event: if you don’t end up loving every second of it, then you can always try a different one. The more internships you have, the more overall experience you gain.  With experience, you can truly recognize your passions.
  • Apply for anything and everything, even if you feel like you may not have a shot. Many employers are looking for students with new ideas who can take their company to the next level.
  • Don’t limit yourself. Make connections with everyone, and keep these connections strong.  You never know when you might fit the type of candidate an employer wants.

Internships provide valuable work experience for students who want to better prepare themselves for their future careers.  My internship gave me the courage to believe that, one day, I will work for a sports team and fulfill my 9-year-old self’s dream.