October 20, 2016

People are saying …

PeoplearesayingIf you see Robert Zimmerman, alias Bob Dylan, please tell him that he has won the Nobel Prize for literature. The Nobel Prize committee has stopped trying to contact Dylan, who has been out of touch ever since the award was announced.

Can the Presidential campaign get any weirder? More women are claiming that Donald Trump sexually abused them, and Trump is already claiming that the election is rigged before any votes have been tallied. Meanwhile, the hacked e-mails of Clinton’s friend John Podesta are revealing some of the inner workings of the Clinton campaign. Despite daily charges of corruption, there is no evidence that Clinton is culpable of an illegality.

Iraqi forces have launched an attack on the Isis stronghold of Mosul. The campaign to liberate Iraq’s second largest city may take months to complete and may lead to another humanitarian crisis as hundreds of thousands flee the city to take shelter in migrant camps that are already being prepared to accept them.