February 23, 2017

Is it appropriate for a teacher to discuss his/her political views in class?  A selection of answers from SU students:

“I think that there is nothing wrong with a teacher discussing his/her political ideas.  I just simply don’t see why they shouldn’t be allowed to.  If they offend someone’s feelings, Oh well.  People express themselves every day.  Freedom of speech.”

“No.  I don’t believe it is appropriate for a teacher to discuss their political views in class because that is a very alienating topic.  I believe that discussing politics is okay, but I don’t think they should reveal their personal views on it.”

“I think it is appropriate for a teacher to discuss his/her political ideas.  Especially at this age.  We are old enough to hear and respect anyone’s opinions regardless of who they are.  I don’t feel knowing my teacher’s political views will influence my learning in the class.”

“Discussion of a teacher’s political views in a classroom depends on the class.  It is OK if the class is related to politics.  For example, it is appropriate in a history class, but not a math class.  It is also important that the teacher remains unbiased and fair to students with opposing views.  Lastly while this is OK in some classes, this discussion shouldn’t occur every time the class meets.”

“It is not appropriate because some students may find a teacher’s political views highly offensive.”

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