Editorial: global warming crisis

Editorial: global warming crisis

On a recent morning I stepped outside in a tank top and shorts and felt the sun beating down on me. Most people would not complain about the beautiful weather, but we are only in the month of March and should take the warmth as a precaution.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, global warming refers to the rise in  the global temperature, which is most likely caused by the increased level of greenhouse gases. There are several identifiable signs that global warming is affecting our planet other than just a rise in temperature.

Warming oceans, decreased snow cover and several extreme weather events are prime examples of climate change, according to NASA.

Since 1969, oceans have warmed approximately 0.302 degrees in the top 2,300 feet of the ocean. Since 1950, there have been a large number of high temperature weather events and a decrease in low temperature weather events. This year alone, Maryland has had very minimal snowfall compared to last year’s major accumulations.

National Geographic has concluded from the work of 2,500 scientists that humans have caused all of the current global warming. Deforestation, pollution and increased concentrations of carbon dioxide have been exposed into the atmosphere for years — even with elimination of these factors, global warming will not automatically end.

Increased global warming issues could eventually lead to a food and water shortage, along with damage to wildlife and sea life. Sea levels could also increase so high that eventually it could lead to flooding.

If you care about the planet and would like to prevent global warming from getting any worse, there are certain measures you can take. Energy usage is the biggest cause of carbon dioxide being released, and that is something anyone can address by investing in energy efficient appliances, purchasing LED light bulbs and reducing car, train and airplane rides.

Stopping global warming begins with us. Little contributions by everyone can go a long way. If you love your planet and want it to stay beautiful–do your part and begin your fight against climate change.