New drama entices viewers

Three talented young singers, committed to fame, come together to make their way to the top. (Photo from Billboard)

Everyone wants to be a star, but does anyone have what it takes? This theory is put to the test in the new hit TV show, STAR.

Three talented young singers, committed to fame, come together to make their way to the top. (Photo from Billboard)

Lee Daniels, popularly known for other shows and movies including Empire, is back on Fox with a new series that follows three young ladies’ rise to fame. This new series is sure to have viewers on the edge of their seat with its complex and captivating storyline.

Star and her sister Simone have had a hard life, growing up in the foster care system, after their mom’s drug overdose over 12 years ago. If these girls didn’t inherit anything else from their mother, they surely inherited her voice. With the sisters’ entrancing vocals and the musical expertise of their friend Alexandra, it seems fame is only a few blocks away. However, every day the girls encounter obstacles that make the light at the end of the tunnel harder to reach.

Daniels includes several familiar faces in the show including Naomi Campbell, Queen Latifah, and Quincy Combs, P. Diddy’s adopted son. There will also be a surprise appearance of Paris Jackson, Michael Jackson’s daughter, who is set to make her debut later on in the season. According to “Edgy New Show Star,” if singing, dancing and music-filled dramas are your thing, then there is no doubt that STAR is the show for you.

When asked in an interview with Billboard magazine about his inspiration for the show,  Daniels said that he created STAR when he thought about all the things that have influenced him, and theatre was definitely one of them. Daniels added that when he was 16, he sneaked in to a Dreamgirls production and it stuck with him. This explains why all of his shows include singing, dancing, and a lot of drama.

Overall, viewers are sure to get a good laugh and possibly a good cry from this new series. Though viewers may be hooked now, fingers are crossed that the show does not become overly-complex. Viewers are wondering, will the girls become famous? Will their past come back to haunt them? Keep watching to find out.

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