Breakfast, with a side of business

Start your day off with breakfast, and meet potential employers!

Business Breakfast Hours have become a tradition inside the lobby of Stevenson’s Brown School of Business and Leadership for the last couple years.

Business Breakfast sessions link employers with students who are interested in business-related careers. (Villager file photo)

Jill Pajak, Stevenson’s employee coordinator, noted that Enterprise will host a business breakfast on March 1 from 9-11 a.m. The American car rental company seeks to offer internship opportunities and post-graduation employment to business majors. Representatives from Enterprise are also hoping to network and get to know the Stevenson community.

Pajak has been coordinating these events for two years and believes the program has been a tremendous success.

“It’s great for upperclassman looking for jobs and internships, but it is also a great way for underclassman to see what kind of options are out there for them. An undeclared student may be considering a major like accounting, for instance, and through the business breakfast he or she can talk to experienced people in the industry and get a better understanding of what it’s all about in a casual manor,” Pajak explained.

Typically, there are between 15 and 20 business breakfast events each academic year. The hosts are looking to meet students interested in business-related professions. Accounting, business administration, and business communication are just a few of the applicable majors for these events.

Not only do these events benefit students, but Pajak also believes that the Business Breakfast Hour is a great opportunity for Stevenson’s faculty and staff.

“This is not just for students,” she explained. “It is a great way for faculty to get involved and meet the hosting companies as well. It allows the staff to form networking relationships of their own. If the faculty are able to know of these opportunities and develop relationships with employers, then they can help their students and be a resource outside of the classroom.”

The program’s success is a good indicator that the series will continue in the future.

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