BSU Allure models prepare for annual show

As the Black Student Union (BSU) Allure Models prepare for their annual fashion show, they expect the turnout to be even bigger and better than last year’s.

When constructing the show every year, committee members choose a theme. With 19 models participating, this year’s theme addresses a variety of moods. “Each scene represents a mood. Not only are we modeling, but acting to the audience,” said Jazmyn Graham-Thompson, the model coordinator for the production.

The BSU Allure models are steadily preparing for their annual fashion show scheduled for May 3. (Photo courtesy of Adria Council)

The models plan to use a variety of clothing to portray these different moods, said Thompson, adding that the models have worked hard to ensure that these moods are clear and easy for the audience to follow.  In order for the audience to understand the show’s narrative, wardrobe is one of the most important aspects. Therefore, the models plan for their clothes to directly depict the mood they want to explain.

“The show will take you on a journey through joy and pain, happiness and sadness, and darkness and light,” said Tijuana Jordan, secretary of the BSU Allure Models. “It’s a range of emotions, more like a movie,” said Cameron Williams, the logistics specialist for the group.

Both Jordan and Williams have been BSU Allure models for three years and have seen the group grow each year. They agree that the show will be different from last year’s. Jordan describes the 2019 production as adding more aspects “in an unique way without losing the essence of the previous shows.”

The annual fashion show is a medium for displaying the hard work the BSU models put in throughout the course of the year. The executive board looks forward to seeing growth in new models and watching the confidence of the group as a whole build. Williams said the show will depict a clearer persona with the group having focused more on technique throughout the course of this year.

With the addition of an extra scene, local artists and designers, new pieces, and a completely different theme, Allure models expect the show to be unique. “It’s an experience you don’t get often, especially on this campus,” said Williams.

Premiering on May 3 at 8 p.m. in the Greenspring Inscape Theatre, the show is open to students and the public. Tickets are $10 for Stevenson students and guests. The event typically sells out.

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