Construction is underway on boardwalk

Construction has begun on a boardwalk bridge located between the Owings Mills and the Owings Mills North campuses in the forest buffer with plans for it to be finished by the spring semester, according to CFO Tim Campbell.


Artist’s rendering of the boardwalk to be built from Owings Mills campus to Owing Mills North campus. (Image from Stevenson University YouTube Channel)

This project is necessary for student movement because of the high demand for additional shuttles to transport students between the two campuses, explained Campbell, and trimming the number of transport buses between campuses will also save money for the university.

One end of the route will be located at the half-field by the stadium, and will reach the back of the south parking lot on the Owings Mills North campus. The route across the easement will be “healthy and scenic” for walkers, said Campbell. “It’s going to be very attractive… I don’t think people realize how nice this is going to be,” he added.

The bridge-building process took a lengthier amount of time to get underway, said Campbell, since government permits, access agreements and property issues held back the development until recently. Construction began in September.

Plans for the walkway include “bump-outs” on the path so that the bridge will have “certain areas that are really scenic,” said Campbell.

Students have expressed great anticipation for the connection between the campuses. Mustang Activities and Programming member Mackenzie Wieder said, “We can do more activities on the other campus because of easier access,”  adding that the university will become more ecologically friendly because of the decrease in the number of shuttles.

Campbell addressed specific safety concerns, explaining that that there will be high railings on the boardwalk for students who might be riding bikes across the bridge. The finished structure will be stable and safe, he added. “We have a first-class bridge-building group coming in so they know what to do.” Lights and cameras will be dispersed across the bridge for the safety of students.

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