Career Connection provides tips for job hunting

Research is key when it comes to college students applying for jobs because it can help them narrow down their search and provide them the right information.

Meeting with professionals at the career fair.
(Photo from Stevenson University)

Kelly Fewster, Stevenson University Career Advisor, suggested visiting an employer’s website and LinkedIn page. She told The Villager that “it would be good to look at the employer’s mission statement, their company values, the services they offer.” Fewster spoke about the importance of students knowing themselves and knowing whether the company is the right fit for them. “I think it’s important to know as much information about the employer as possible because that helps prepare you for the interview, but it also helps you to figure out if this is going to be a good fit,” Fewster said.

After students research potential employers, it is essential to make sure that all paperwork is customized for the specific job and employer for which the application is being made. Deadlines are extremely important and completed paperwork should be submitted to the potential employer as early as possible. Students should remember that professional dress is recommended for a job interview. “You definitely want to dress to impress. You want to make a good first impression,” said Fewster.

Fewster recommended preparing questions to ask the interviewer or recruiter at the end of the interview. “It shows interest and it shows you have done your homework,” Fewster explained. Fewster also spoke about the importance of paying attention and listening during the interview because the question could’ve been answered. Here is a link that shows common questions to ask interviewers.

Stevenson University offers online resources for students to search for jobs and internships such as Handshake and Career Shift. The Career Connection Center is another place where students can receive help during their job search process.

Remote opportunities are trending during the COVID-19 pandemic. Networking is important to build and maintain professional connections. Students can bolster their online networking through the Mustang Career Mentors program. The Mustang Career Mentors program connects students with Stevenson alumni and helps to build professional connections. Fewster explained that online networking has become more common recently because in-person networking is difficult during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Stevenson students interested in pursuing a career should be familiar with the resources offered at Stevenson in order to land the career of their dreams. Visit the S.U. Career Connection Center’s “Career Advising” page here to set up a Handshake interview or for more information.

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