Club sports compete beyond Stevenson

Club sports offer college students a way to participate in the sports they love, while also reserving free time to work, study and take part in other campus activities.

Stevenson University currently offers eight different club sports in which students can participate. These include baseball, men’s basketball, cheerleading, dance, men’s ice hockey, men’s lacrosse, women’s soccer and women’s volleyball.

Matt Grimm, the director of campus recreation, explained how club sports can be a good in-between option for many students who still want to play a sport at a competitive level, but do not want the time commitment of an NCAA sport. Grimm added that unlike intramural sports, club sports teams play against other universities.

Janelle Briscoe, a sophomore on the club volleyball team, had a similar message about why she plays a club sport. Briscoe explained that she once tried intramural sports but soon realized it was not as competitive as she would have liked. Playing a club sport has provided Briscoe with the opportunity to travel with her team to tournaments and games, similar to what NCAA athletes experience.

Although club sports are competitive, they do not involve such an intense practice schedule like NCAA sports do. Club teams usually hold practice two or three times a week, giving student athletes the chance to still work a job along with classes and other activities.

Grimm noted that this year there are fewer club sports than in previous seasons. He believes that Stevenson’s club sports are much more serious than other universities because of the students level of commitment. This causes Stevenson’s club sports to be held to a higher standard.

Grimm also explained how the university is always open to adding new club sports. It just takes someone to lead the group and enough students to field a team. He added that unlike the NCAA, each club sport is run individually.

Briscoe said that those who are on the fence about trying a club sport should just try it. Briscoe advocates for club sports because it gives students the opportunity to be surrounded by others who share a similar love for the game. She added that club sports are a great way to stay involved and meet fellow Stevenson students.

Currently baseball and men’s lacrosse are both in season. Teams schedules can be found on and games are free to attend. The website also has information on the various teams’ coaches and rosters.

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