Concert band performs variety of music

The Stevenson Concert Band’s spring concert: Diversity Through Sound, was held on on May 3 at 7:30 p.m. in the Inscape Theatre. The concert included a large variety of music from diverse cultures as well as some crowd favorites. The pieces were from Latin America, Ireland, Russia, and some memorable American-made films.

Concert band performing at at the spring concert, Diversity Through Sound. (photo by Jasmine Moses)

The Concert Band performs at at the spring concert, Diversity Through Sound. (photo by Jasmine Moses)

The first piece, “Kirkpatrick Fanfare,” written by Andrew Boysen, was an exciting Irish piece with fun rhythms and a powerful finale, according to director Mark Lortz. The next piece was a new and dramatic piece called “The Rescue,” written by Brian Drake. After several other pieces, the band ended the concert with some familiar compositions, one of which was “Let it Go,” from Disney’s “Frozen.”

The band itself had put a tremendous amount of work into the concert. Director, Mark Lortz, said that his band members are responsible, motivated musicians, with incredible work ethics. Most of the members are a part of multiple Stevenson-affiliated bands, including concert band, marching band, or pep band.

Assistant band director Terrell Smith described the seniors in the program as having “integrity, high character, strong moral fiber, strong values, hard work, and a fun time.” These characteristics have formed the program into what it is today, he added.

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