Dancers celebrate diversity

A dance group known as Urban Vibe, part of the International Student Association (ISA), is a multicultural dance group. The dancers perform to many genres of music including modern, hip-hop, African, lyrical and more.

The Urban Vibe dance members preformed at the 2016 Homecoming week bonfire. (Photo from the ISA Facebook page)

Urban Vibe performs for different campus events including Taste of Cultures, Night of the Arts and Homecoming. The group has contributed to the development of the university’s multicultural diversity.

Urban Vibe currently has six dancers, but has had up to 11 members in the past. They meet in the Rockland banquet hall and the Rockland studio Monday through Wednesday for about two hours. If the group has a show coming up, the practices could be four to five hours long.

Urban Vibe has performances at the March Madness Pep Rally on March 24, the Taste of Cultures event on April 8 and the M.I.L.E. Cookout on April 29.

Students who want to join Urban Vibe don’t necessarily have to be dancers, according to Katherine Green, Urban Vibe’s manager, but they need to be able to entertain and be able to work an audience.

To join the group, students can try out by performing any three different types of dance for a panel of judges. Currently the group is looking to enhance their tryout experience and incorporate new ways of judging.

For more information, students can contact Katherine Green through campus email, attend an upcoming performance or visit the Stevenson portal to see what events are featuring Urban Vibe.

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