Editorial: Mid-year stress

It seems like just yesterday we were all moving back to campus, meeting our teachers and receiving class syllabi. Shockingly, we are actually midway through the semester, which means it’s that time of year again: the week-long stress during the middle of the semester: midterms.

As a senior, I can thankfully say that I have never had a semester with midterms every day of the week, until now. In my fourth year  at Stevenson, I feel as though this is the most stressful semester so far. Juggling five courses, one job and an active social life is difficult for any student.

Students can sometimes find it difficult to fit in study time. The word ‘midterm’ alone can cause students severe anxiety that leads to a lack of sleep, extreme caffeine consumption and even hair loss. Luckily, The Princeton Review has supplied some helpful study tips that people can use to ace their exams.

The first tip is for the night before your exam: get some rest. Sleep is a major component to for a sharper mind. Cramming the night before an exam is never a good idea.

The next tip is for the morning of the exam: enjoy a plentiful breakfast. Brain-boosting foods, such as scrambled eggs and yogurt, provide you with energy to get through exams without any hunger distractions.

The final tip explains what to do during the exam. Take your time, manage your time and stay the whole time. Be aware of the directions and read each question accurately. Racing through an exam can cause you to lose points. When you are stuck or unsure about a question, skip over it and answer it after you are finished with the questions you know.

Always be sure to reread and double-check all your answers. If you are left with extra time after finishing your exam, take advantage of it and scan over all the questions and your answers.

Those who feel like they need more help or assistance with a class or a specific subject within their class should consult their teacher. Remember that they are here to help us thrive. The most important recommendation to keep in mind is that midterms last only a few days; try to not let the stress overwhelm you. Drink some tea, get some sleep and then enjoy fall break.

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