Enjoy nature and exercise during the holidays

Quiet Waters Park in Annapolis. (Photo from AA County Recreation and Parks)

With the holidays right around the corner, many families are looking to participate in activities to get outside of the house. Here are a few holiday activities to get your family moving while celebrating the holidays:

Skate outdoors

One holiday activity that most families enjoy is outdoor ice skating. It is an activity that is fun for all ages and can be a good source of exercise.  Get bundled up and drive to the nearest ice skating rink. Many cities have outdoor skating rinks that are open during the holidays. Ice skating rinks are normally open during the evening with beautiful outdoor lights. Ice skating is  one of the few outdoor activities you can do at night since it gets dark so early.

Most rinks have options for kids and adults still learning, including buckets and braces.

Go on a winter hike

During the winter, we often take advantage of many holiday food, sweets and drinks. Therefore, it is important to get outside and stay active. Enjoying nature and getting some fresh air is still important. Make some time to enjoy some winter scenery, such as finding frozen waterfalls or photographing a bird’s nest high in a tree. Take an early morning walk on days you will be inside celebrating the holidays with family and friends.

Take a holiday lights stroll or drive

Another creative way to celebrate is taking a holiday lights walk or drive through neighborhoods to take in all the festive decorations. Without the recent COVID-19 outbreak, many holiday light displays are either not open or have restrictions. But neighborhoods seem to be celebrating in a big way this year. Filling the travel mugs with hot chocolate and marshmallows and simply walking around the neighborhood or going for a drive at night is an activity all can do.

Irvine Nature Center. (Photo from explore nature.org)

Make ice lanterns

There a few different ways to make ice lanterns, but most of them only require a few simple materials. Grab a few bowls or cups, balloons, and some battery operated tea lights and grab you family. One popular way is to fill a cup with water, then place a smaller cup inside. Let the water freeze and then take the ice out of the large cup. This will result in a hollowed ice container. Place a battery operated tea light inside and set it outside along the walkway or around your yard. Ice lanterns can be a beautiful light path in your yard in the winter. 

Enjoying nature or simply going on walk through the neighborhood is a good way to spend time with your family. Making it a holiday theme walk or adventure by bringing some hot chocolate or singing Christmas carols will make it that much more fun!

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