Escape room fosters team-building

Stevenson University’s math and physics department has created its first annual Escape Room activity.  The event will begin Oct. 23-27 on Owings Mills North in MAC S150 – the Math Learning Laboratory in the School of Sciences. Both students and faculty are welcome to attend.

Stevenson University students prepare to complete the Escape Room challenge. (Photo from Student Activities)

Dr. Benjamin Wilson, assistant professor of mathematics, and Dr. William B. Hodge, associate professor of physics, collaborated on the project in an effort to enhance team-building skills and to evoke camaraderie among all students.

Based on the actual breakout game, Wilson brought the “Escape Room” to Stevenson about a year ago with the help of Hodge.  The math and physic departments worked together for the success of the project. Teams consist of four to five people, who then have one hour to complete their escape. The closing event will be held on Halloween in MAC S170 from 12:30 – 1:30 p.m.

Wilson and Hodge believe this event will be a success, as long as safety is paramount.  The project requires critical thinking, logic and teamwork skills from every player. Prizes for this challenge will be distributed to the team that finishes first.

According to Wilson and Hodge, a strong background in math and science is not necessary, but does make for a more logical approach when solving the mystery.

Students with an interest in these subjects may better excel in the completion of the challenge, but everyone is welcome. This event is both exciting and rewarding with the potential to foster teamwork for years to come.

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