Fitness bingo is a go

The Office of Campus Recreation at Stevenson University has a surprise for group fitness attendees this March.

Fitness Bingo (FitGo) is a month-long event that encourages students to take free fitness classes. (Photo from SU Campus Recreation)

FITGO, or Fitness Bingo, will take place March 1-28. Students are invited to participate, and the only requirement is to take some time for themselves and their health by participating in Stevenson’s free fitness classes.

“We want students to live a healthy lifestyle,” said Laura Waginger, assistant director of Campus Recreation. “FITGO will be a nice introduction for them to get out there and try something new.”

To participate in FITGO, students can get a BINGO card from the front desk at Campus Recreation in Garrison Hall North, or they can get one during a fitness class in the Group Fitness Studio in Wooded Way. Every time a student comes to a class, the group fitness instructor will stamp off all slots with the name of that class on the student’s card.

Once a student has BINGO, he or she can turn in the card to get a raffle ticket for a gift card to Tropical Smoothie, or the student can continue marking off classes until the card reaches blackout. A blackout card is worth a free challenge shirt and five entries into the raffle for a Tropical Smoothie gift card. To reach blackout, the student must attend at least one of every group fitness class offered at Stevenson. Additionally, if students attend the Yoga Rave offered by Campus Recreation on March 14 from 8:15-10 p.m. in the Rockland banquet room, they will win an additional entry into the raffle for the Tropical Smoothie gift card.

“I’m so excited to fulfill all of the group fitness class stamps,” said Mannat Bhatia, student ambassador and intramural sports supervisor. Bhatia has a demanding schedule that often pulls her away from fitness classes, but she said the new challenge has made her more eager to get involved.

The Fitness class schedule for the 2019 spring semester includes a variety of activities. (Photo from Laura Waginger)

Stevenson offers a number of fitness classes, tailored to all different levels of fitness.

For those just beginning to explore their health and wellness journey, Waginger recommends trying yoga, Pilates and TRX circuit training classes. If students are looking to have fun and perhaps forget that they are exercising, Campus Recreation offers the two dance-oriented classes: Pop, Lock & Hip Hop and Line Dancing.

For students looking for more of a challenge, Waginger recommends attending a BOSU Burn, Yogalates, or Sprint 8 class. However, Waginger said that all classes offered have modifications for exercises, so all can participate no matter their fitness level.

Waginger said the greatest challenge of FITGO will be the interruption of spring break and the schedule for Sprint 8, which does not start until the last week of March. She recommends using spring break as an opportunity to stay active with exercises that have been taught in classes, but also to stretch and recover so students can attend as many fitness classes during March as possible.

“Test out all the classes to see which ones you like the best,” said Justin Owens, group fitness instructor of TRX Circuit Training, H.I.I.T. 45, BODYSHRED, and Sprint 8. “I am looking forward to seeing new faces. I love seeing new people coming into class and encouraging them to try new things. Making fitness fun – that’s what FITGO is about.”

To sign up for a fitness class, visit the IMLeagues website.

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