Fitness classes offered on campus

Campus Recreation is providing free fitness classes for all levels throughout the semester to give students, staff and faculty an easy way to stay active.

Students, faculty and staff can all enjoy the variety of fitness classes being offered this spring. (Graphic from SU Now portal)

Anyone with a Stevenson ID can attend the seven different fitness classes that are offered including Pilates, Yogalates, Bodyshred, Yoga, Butts ‘n Guts, Zumba, and Pop, Lock, and Hip Hop. These classes will run weekly, Monday through Thursday, until May 8 and will be held in the fitness studio in Wooded Way. All of the classes are taught by current Stevenson students or alumni.

Stevenson also offers fitness classes specifically for faculty and staff through a program called Blue U. These classes typically run during the day at lunchtime and in the evening as well. Classes currently include Yoga, Zumba, and Pilates.

Austin Zechman, assistant director of campus recreation, said that “one of the biggest problems we have is people not being aware that we have them.” He added that these classes are a perfect way for students to stay active while not having to worry about paying for a gym membership or a trainer. These classes are a free resource that are available the whole semester.

The fitness studio is located on the first level of Wooded Way. (Photo from villager file photo)

Tyler Didra, a Stevenson alumna and one of the fitness instructors, said that it is important for people to stay active, as it is not only beneficial for one’s physical health, but also for the mind and can impact all areas of life, such as helping stay energized and reducing stress. They are perfect for college students who are under a great amount of stress during the school year. Additionally, staying active can help one achieve better sleep, which is something that most college students can benefit from, said Didra.

Didra teaches Yoga, Pilates and Yogalates and said that these classes specifically can also help bring balance into one’s life as they are more relaxing and a lower intensity. Zumba, Butts ‘n Gutts, and Pop, Lock, and Hip Hop are the higher intensity classes.

All of the classes can work for anyone at any skill level. In the classes, instructors always explain different modifications based on whether participants are beginners or more advanced, Didra added. Each class can be personalized to every individual.

For anyone interested in attending a class, a full schedule can be found on the SU Portal or on the Campus Recreation website. People can sign up for the classes ahead of time through Stevenson’s IM Leagues website or by downloading the IM Leagues app, or people can sign up in person right before the classes start.

Zechman said they have a good variety of classes currently. However, he wants students, staff and faculty to know that if they have any other fitness interests or classes they would like to see, they can reach out to him through email or by visiting Campus Recreation on the first floor of Garrison Hall North. If there is enough interest, he could look into potentially adding more classes.

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