Give exotic fruits a try this season

Fortunately, with the weather warming up, it means summer fruits are on the way, and more selection of fruits is now available in grocery stores.

As someone who has liked almost every fruit I had tried, I wanted to expand my palate and try some new fruits. A friend and I decided to go to an Asian market to get dinner one day, and when we got there, we decided to pick up some fruit we had not eaten before. Dragon fruit, golden dragon fruit, Thai guava, and golden pears topped the list. 

That first trip started a wave of us trying even more exotic fruits. Some of the new fruits we tried included sapphire grapes, star fruit, a young coconut, cumquats, golden apples, and Thai bananas. 

Here are three I would recommend trying:

Delight Dragon Fruit picture
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Dragon Fruit: This was a fruit that I have seen a lot on social media, as they look unique with their pink skin with green spiney leaves around it. It is also known for its exciting flesh; inside the fruit is a kiwi-like textured flesh, but it is white with tiny black seeds throughout, all of which is edible. The flesh is not too flavorful on its own, but it is sweet and very refreshing. It is also a very healthy fruit as it contains a lot of antioxidants. It is also high in fiber, can help lower blood sugar, and contains probiotics which feeds the healthy bacteria in your gut. 

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Star Fruit: As expected, this fruit comes in the shape of a star, and when you cut it into slices, it visibly resembles the shape of a star. The fruit is a green color at first, and then as it ripens, it becomes a light-yellow color. Again, this did not have an overly strong taste, but it was a lovely sweet and refreshing fruit with every bite. The texture is like that of a soft honeydew in ways. It crunches a bit when bitten into, but the flesh is not too tough. The star fruit is also beneficial to health. It provides a high source of Vitamin C, and several nutrients within the fruit promote cardiovascular health, provide a good source of fiber, and is an excellent way to improve blood sugar levels and reduce the risk of diabetes. 

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Golden Pears: As the name suggests, these are like other pears, but they come in more of a golden-yellow hue. And they also are bigger and rounder, like an apple as opposed to the regular pear shape we are accustomed to seeing. The flesh of the golden pear is also crisper, and it feels like you are biting into an apple. It was a very incredible experience tasting the golden pear and comparing it to the usual pear flavor my memory knows. Additionally, it had a little more sweetness to it than a regular pear. The golden pear is also nutritious as it can promote a healthy gut, reduce the risk of diabetes, have anti-inflammatory properties, and improve heart health. 

For those wishing to eat healthier this summer, exploring your local market or grocery store for fresh and exotic fruits may please your palate.

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