Governor Larry Hogan starts to reopen Maryland

On March 9, Maryland Governor Larry Hogan decided to lift many of the COVID-19 restrictions in Maryland.

Governor Larry Hogan (Photo from Twitter.)

Maryland has been very safe and smart during the pandemic in order to protect the safety of all people in the state. These restrictions have been different compared to our everyday lives and seem to have become the new norm. Although all people are used to having these restrictions in their states, it’s nice to be able to start returning a little more to normal during this pandemic.

Governor Hogan lifted many of the restrictions that Maryland had during the pandemic because of the recent vaccines that have been distributed. This bodes well the state begins to recover economically. On March 12, all capacity limits were lifted on outdoor and indoor dining at restaurants, bars, retail businesses, religious facilities, fitness centers, casinos, personal services and recreational establishments. Hogan also raised the capacity for large outdoor and indoor venues such as theaters, concerts, conventions, wedding venues, racing facilities, outdoor entertainment and sporting venues, which can now operate at 50 percent capacity.

Hogan then touched on the quarantine requirements which have been changed as well as the travel advisory which remains in place. It’s important to remember that although many restrictions have been lifted, a statewide masking order remains in place. “With the pace of vaccinations rapidly rising and our health metrics steadily improving, the lifting of these restrictions is a prudent, positive step in the right direction and an important part of our economic recovery,” said Hogan. Considering the world that everyone is living in now, many folks are relieved to be moving in a positive direction.

(Photo from

Shannon Synder, a senior biology major and member of the women’s lacrosse team, spoke about the lift of many restrictions in Maryland. “I believe as long as the number of positive cases stay down and people are able to have access to the vaccine, then stuff should be opening back up, but I think nothing should be 100 percent just yet because of how serious COVID-19 is,” said Synder. She also spoke about the importance of being safe during this period and continuing to wear your mask in order to make everyone feel safe during this pandemic. Synder believes that if everyone is safe and smart, this pandemic will be over sooner rather than later.

For more information regarding Governor Hogan lifting the restrictions in Maryland during the pandemic, click here.

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