Graduate and professional studies rebrands

Stevenson University’s graduate program is focused on students who are looking to continue their education online. The program recently changed its name from “Graduate and Professional Studies” to “Stevenson University Online,” clarifying the purpose and orientation of the program.

Stevenson rebrands the “Graduate and Professional Studies” program to “Stevenson University Online.” (Photo from Stevenson)

According to Tonia Cristino, director of admissions of Stevenson Online, Stevenson announced the name change in August 2017. Susan T. Gorman, executive vice president of academic affairs and provost, added, “The name change stems from the desire to position the school more directly as an online education.”

The B.S. to M.S. option enables students to take graduate classes while still working toward their Bachelor’s degree. The various master’s degrees include Communication Studies, Business and Technology Management and Community-Based Education and Leadership.

The program has continued to expand as new careers develop. Students interested in fields relating to forensic science and crime scene investigation will have the opportunity to take a variety of masters classes as well. Other areas of study include a Master’s degree in Healthcare Management, a degree in Nursing, and a Master’s in Teaching.

Stevenson’s online master’s programs address the specific needs of students who are working full-time. They have found that they can manage online classes despite a busy lifestyle. The programs are designed to be flexible and convenient.

Stevenson also offers online post-Baccalaureate certificates in Community-Based Education and Leadership, Literacy Education, Population-Based Coordination, and Secondary STEM Teaching and Learning. These certificate programs are designed for those in the field who want to expand their knowledge in a particular area.

Since the graduate program started in 2002, regular information sessions have provided the backbone of addressing student interest. An Open House is scheduled to take place in January 2018 for students interested in the many advanced degree programs. For more information, interested students can contact Tonia Cristino or visit the website.

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