Greenspring Review hosts Spring Write-In


The Spring Write-In is a service event on March 7 that Stevenson University offers for English and non-English majors alike who are interested in developing their writing alongside other writers.

Writer’s block is quite common among writers. The Greenspring Review staff provides writing prompts to stir inspiration. (Photo from SU English Instagram account)

The event was founded to help offer inspiration to those who are suffering from “writer’s block” by providing writing prompts for inspiration.

The Spring Write-In made its premiere last year and will continue this year. It offers a space and time for staff and students to come together and write. Students can write about whatever they want, in whatever genre they choose.

Many of those who attended the previous write-in considered submitting their work for publication. According to Audrey Diggs, the editor of the Greenspring Review, Stevenson’s digital literary, art, and media magazine, this year’s submissions have included “lots of science fiction writing.”

Students who want their pieces published can submit them to the magazine staff for review. The Greenspring Review has recently expanded its presence, gained club status, and meets regularly, including a new book club initiative.

In conjunction with November’s National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo), the club held a Winter Write-In. In a department blog post, English major Lanett Bagley wrote, “The Write-In session was a great success. We were able to socialize with each other to discuss our writing and bounce ideas off each other while enjoying hot chocolate and doughnuts. We also took turns reading out writing prompts and doing a little flash writing to get inspiration flowing.”

(Photo from SU English Instagram account)

As part of her editorial job, Diggs must make sure that all pieces that are submitted for the Greenspring Review are ready for possible publication. Diggs, a junior English major, has been on the magazine’s editorial staff since last year. As an active writer within the group, she believes that the club represents Stevenson’s creativity. The Greenspring Review includes a variety of genres, from nonfiction to fiction pieces, but creative writing is integral in the success of both the write-in and the magazine itself.

Diggs urges those who need inspiration with their writing to attend the write-in, explaining that it’s a great place for writers to come together to brainstorm, help each other, and offer encouragement. Since the event is open only to Stevenson students, especially those who want to broaden their horizons, all new writers are welcome. The Spring Write-In is a part of Stevenson’s Arts Alive! initiative.

According to the Stevenson website, the group meets from 3-5 p.m. in the School of Business and Leadership library. It is free for all Stevenson students to attend with snacks and drinks provided. Those who are interested can contact Meagan Nyland, senior lecturer in English, for more details.

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