Homie House Press to publish students’ work

Three Stevenson students have gotten their photography work published by Homie House Press, an independent publishing company based in Maryland and Italy.

The MAC Creative Lounge currently houses examples of students’ work, including copies of the students’ newly published work. Anthony Canzius’ submission, “Black Boys,” is pictured here. (Photo by Emma Cathy Smith)

Anthony Canzius, Jessica Haines and Cassie Myers are visual communication design students. Their published work is a result of assistant professor Chris Metzger’s intermediate digital photography class last fall. He assigned a project focused on developing a “photo-based project documenting their community.” For about a month and a half, a member of Homie House Press, Adriana Monsalve, was in the classroom with the students to help create these photo documentaries.

“Beyond just doing the project for a grade in my course, Homie House Press let everybody know in the beginning of the project that they would select three student projects to publish,” said Metzger.

Canzius documented black masculinity in his work, titled “Black Boys;” Myers looked at the spectrum of introversion and extroversion, titled “Versions;” and Haines documented women in the gaming industry, titled “Girls in Gaming.”

Part of the project was to challenge ideas and concepts, not only of self, but of community as well.

“I wanted to deconstruct some of the stereotypes around introverts and extroverts,” Myers said. “I want to show people it’s a spectrum. You’re allowed to move. My book is about the individual stories of six different people, but it sends a broader message.”

Haines documented her experiences in the gaming world.

“I’ve noticed that there’s a lot of stigma about women in gaming,” said Haines. “There’s conversations that happen just because you’re a woman; I tried to capture that in my work. The imagery speaks better than how I could describe it.”

Over the next few weeks, these students will work closely with Homie House Press to edit and refine their work. Since the company is based in Italy and Maryland, their work will be published in America and Europe.

Canzius, Myers and Haines did not know that their work was chosen to be published until the last open house.

“I’m so excited,” said Myers. “I feel like this is a big opportunity!”

For those interested in viewing their work, their books are currently located in the shelving of the Creative Lounge, MAC S232.

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