Life beyond college beckons seniors

The Office of Alumni Affairs at Stevenson joined the Senior Class Council at last year's graduation preparation.

Stevenson University will offer a workshop called “Know Before You Go” to prepare seniors for life beyond college. The next session will take place on May 4 from 6-8 p.m. in the Rockland banquet room and is sponsored by the alumni and the Senior Class Council.

The Office of Alumni Affairs at Stevenson joined the Senior Class Council at last year’s “life beyond college” event. (Villager file photo).

The event will offer insights from alumni about job experiences, car buying, and renting an apartment, among several other topics. These insights will help students in their own personal progress of finding jobs and experiences post-graduation.

“Not only will students learn how to communicate with employers, but they [students] will learn how to leave the nest and land the job,” said senior Emilee Thursby, a student assistant in the Office of Student Activities. The session will allow current students to ask questions in a comfortable environment.

Seniors could use this session to help them after they graduate. Senior Kylie Handler said, “The importance of these sessions is hearing from the alumni — past students — who have been a part of the real world.”

For students who do not know what it is like living with roommates, renting an apartment, purchasing a car, or even moving to a new location, this event can provide some guidance. Handler explained, “Sometimes it is easier for us millennials to hear from other millennials about their experiences,” which makes the alumni presence at the event even more important.

Students will receive more information about this event in the upcoming weeks. Information can be found through the SU Portal and emails sent directly to students, mostly seniors, about the session. Additionally, flyers and pamphlets will be distributed in the residence halls and across all three campuses.

This will be the second session taking place on the same topic. Thursby and the rest of the Student Activities team are hoping to see a good turnout of students, specifically seniors, at this event, especially as finals and graduation approach. All students are welcome to attend.

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