Line Dance your way to health

Stevenson University’s Group Fitness program offers many different types of fitness classes for free to Stevenson students, including a line dancing class on Wednesday at 8 p.m. that is located in the Wooded Way fitness studio.

The Office of Campus Recreation offers many free fitness classes for Stevenson students, faculty and staff. Renfroe teaches Line Dancing every Wednesday at 8 p.m. (Photo from Laura Waginger)

While dance classes can be intimidating to the typical college student, the environment in Wooded Way is warm and welcoming – it can ignite a spark of confidence within any student fortunate and daring enough to sign up for the class. Students do not need any prior dancing experience to participate, but they should be prepared to sweat.

The class I checked out was attended by four female students.  The instructor, KJ Renfroe, taught three line dances, including the Carribean-style and very popular line dance “The Wobble.” It was an interesting and culturally eye-opening experience, as well as a good workout. By the end of the class, participants had learned dances to three different genres of music, including country, pop, and hip-hop.

Line dancing sounds simple in concept, but the execution can be a little elusive. Luckily, the dances are taught step-by-step and rehearsed in the studio until the entire dance can be done with ease by the end of the hour-long class.

Dancers often rely on seeing the instructor’s steps as he or she teaches the dance, but when the dance requires a turn or shift to a direction that does not have the instructor in direct line of sight, students can to make a few mistakes and forget the dance moves. Luckily, there are mirrors on the walls of the Wooded Way studio to allow students to watch themselves learn the steps as opposed to relying solely on the instructor.

Renfroe teaches students at a pace that allows participants to learn each move with meticulous detail but still finish by within the allotted hour. In addition to teaching the line dancing class, Renfroe is also the instructor for two other classes offered by the Group Fitness program: Pop, Lock, and Hip Hop on Monday at 8 p.m. and Butts N’ Guts on Tuesday at 9:30 p.m.

Renfroe, a graduate student at Stevenson, goes out of his way to provide a welcoming class for all students, whether they have dancing experience or not. He is constantly communicating with students throughout his class to make sure they understand how to move and that they are comfortable with the music .

The class is an incredible opportunity offered to Stevenson students, particularly because they leave with something they not only had fun learning, but will be able to bring to others. The class offers a multifaceted perspective to a dance style that is applicable to students’ lives. For every party, celebration or school dance, students have a new dance to teach their friends and family.

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