Marketing professor awarded for excellence

A woman who said she is honored to be at Stevenson University was nominated for a Stevenson Way Award.

Dr. Takisha Toler recently received a Stevenson Way Award for “Fostering Learning.” (Photo from

Assistant marketing professor Takisha Toler is dedicated to the marketing side of business, but her path to that career was not straightforward. At first, she wanted to focus on pre-medical courses in her undergraduate experience and then attend medical school. But after talking to upperclassmen and struggling in the pre-med courses, she decided to switch her major and opt for a minor in chemistry.

“I didn’t want to be a high school teacher because I didn’t get a bio degree, so I decided to take classes in marketing since I loved numbers,” said Toler. “I fell in love with it, and it’s very fascinating.”

Toler has an MBA with a focus on international business and marketing, and she holds a doctorate in international business and marketing from St. Louis University.

Now in her sixth year at Stevenson University, Toler said she wants her students to work hard in the classroom, and she said she tries to make what she teaches relevant so students can better understand the concepts.

“Dr. Toler is a great professor who does everything she can to help us understand the marketing concepts better and having a fun time doing it,” said CJ Beteta, a student currently enrolled in one of Toler’s classes.

The Stevenson Way Award recognizes and honors the core four values of Stevenson University: Achieving Excellence, Building Community, Fostering Learning and Instilling Integrity. Toler was nominated by Professor Jeannine Morber, internship director for the school of business, for the Fostering Learning Award. Toler said that she was shocked and surprised.

“It was sweet of [her] to nominate me,” said Toler. “What she said was sweet, and I loved it.”

The Fostering Learning Award is awarded to people who have made a positive impact on Stevenson University by endorsing the core value of learning.

“I try to make sure the students learn,” said Toler, “and it’s nice to know people recognize I try to make them learn in the easiest way possible.”

Toler said struggling with biology as an undergraduate helped her consider other options, pushed her to work harder, and challenged her to try new things. Toler said the great professors she had in college, who listened to what she loved, gave her the incentive to become a marketing professor.

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