McFadden named new strength and conditioning coach

MC McFadden is shown above working out with the SU women's basketball team. (Courtesy of Stevenson women's basketball team Instagram page)

M.C. McFadden has been named Stevenson University’s new assistant athletic director and head strength and conditioning coach.

M.C. McFadden, the newly assigned assistant athletic director and head strength and conditioning coach, began her new duties in August. (Photo  by Sabina Moran)

McFadden was promoted to assistant athletic director and head strength and conditioning coach in August. She has been a part of the Stevenson University community for over 21 years. McFadden has held many different positions during that time, including head coach of the women’s lacrosse team, athletic department administrative coordinator, lacrosse commentator on the Mustang Sports Network, and assistant strength and conditioning coach.

McFadden has big goals for the athletic department in her new role. She believes her primary assignment is to grow the strength and conditioning department. To help expand the department, she has been tasked to find a new assistant strength and conditioning coach.

She also hopes to get the assistant coaches of  Stevenson University athletics certified to help in the areas of strength and conditioning.

“I live in a man’s world,” said McFadden. She added that to be the head strength and conditioning coach is “unique as a woman, and I appreciate being given that opportunity.” She says that, overall, “it is really nice to receive the recognition that I am capable of running the strength and conditioning department.”

McFadden’s top priority is providing quality training to student athletes. However, she does often get to interact with other students when she is in the fitness center.

“I think I do have a lot of relationships on this campus. They know I care; they know I want them to be good. They know I am here to support them on and off the field. That’s the fun of my job,” said McFadden.

M.C. McFadden is shown above working out with members of the Stevenson women’s basketball team. (Photo from Stevenson women’s basketball team Instagram page)

Along with working with the athletes individually, McFadden makes sure she addresses the needs of each team as well.

“Every team is different, and they way that they lift is different. That’s also the fun and challenge, thinking about what it is they do on the court, field, or in the pool.”

McFadden enjoys working with such a variety of teams because she has to put thought into what they most need for success.

“I love working with MC, and I think her promotion is well deserved. She is an encouraging trainer who has always pushed me to be a better athlete and always knows what will best help me on the field,” said Morgan Cary, Stevenson University senior and captain of the women’s soccer team.

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