Mock trial team confident for 2019-20

Senior legal studies major, Norman Greenwell performing in a trail.

The Stevenson University mock trial teams are poised for a successful year. The A-team recently finished in 3rd place and the B-team finished in 5th place at their opening tournament at La Salle University.

Both mock trial teams competed at the La Salle University Invitational on Oct. 13-14. (Photo from Stevenson Mock Trial Instagram)

The A-team and B-teams are comprised of 10 students each, along with a few alternates. Melanie Snyder, professor of law and head coach of the team, is excited about her teams this year.

Each student will be given a role in the trial such as a trial attorney or a witness, and they must present cases for both the prosecution and the defense.

With many new first-year students, especially on the B-team, the culture of the 20 members is vitally important to how the team performs under pressure.

“The team is like a second family for most of the students. The mock trial team is so much more than a club or an activity on campus,” said Snyder.

Camaraderie and teamwork are crucial elements to any mock trial team’s success. Students must work together to craft a well-developed, comprehensive case that they rehearse and then present in competition.

“Students on the A-team work very closely with students on the B-team, which helps new freshmen have a place they can call home from the very start,” said Snyder.

Senior legal studies major, Norman Greenwell, performing as a defense attorney during a trial. (Photo from Ventures)

Not only does the team’s tight-knit persona help the students grow socially, but students from the A-team also assist the B-team in helping them perfect the craft.

The A-team is competing in four more tournaments this year, while the B-team will compete in two more. Both teams are hoping to make it to the Opening Round Championship Series (ORCS) in March, 2020. Last year, the A-team advanced to the ORCS in Inslip, N.Y., but Snyder is hoping both teams make it this year.

Stevenson will co-host the mock trial regional tournament with the University of Maryland Baltimore County on the Owings Mills campus Feb. 22-23, 2020, according to Snyder. The event will be held in the Brown School of Business and Leadership.

While the team already has its members for the 2019-2020 competition season, any student can join the mock trial team in the fall term through a series of informational meetings and tryouts.

According to Snyder, students who want a spot on the team have to give an opening statement and perform as a witness. Tryouts are open to all students of any major.

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