New editors at work for The Villager

By: Lawren Mickenberg

The Villager, Stevenson University’s official school newspaper, has announced its slate of editors for the 2021-2022 school year

The students of Journalism Practicum, also known as The Villager editorial staff, have elected a new slate of editors. The three main editors are Leah Bayley-Hay, Corie Tucciarella, and Andrew Brosky.

The new Editor-in-Chief is Leah Bayley-Hay. She is an English major and an Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management minor.  

(Leah Bayley-Hay, the new Editor in Chief for The Villager)

Bayley-Hay was elected by her peers on the editorial board, but she said she was interested in the job for two reasons.  

Number one, she said she wants to be an editor in the future. Reason two, she said, is because she truly cares about what she does and wants to make sure to put time and effort into it especially when it comes to writing and editing.  

As the Editor in Chief, it is Leah’s responsibility to oversee every aspect of the newspaper. She is in charge of writing, reading, and editing all articles, making design choices, and guiding the rest of the staff.  

Leah has a deep background in journalism. Her first journalism classes were during her junior year of high school. Leah is an English major which she says helps her with her writing skills. 

“As an English major, I’m pretty much constantly improving my writing skills and on the side of editing, (…) Along with various classes I’ve taken (style and editing, digital publishing), I’ve slowly been rounded out to fit a position like this.” stated Leah.

In addition to the newspaper, Leah has worked on Stevenson’s literary magazine, Greenspring Review, as an editor, since her freshman year at Stevenson. Currently, Leah is both the poetry section editor and the Associate Editor for the Greenspring Review

Leah feels that The Villager captures the essence of Stevenson as a whole and wants to keep it that way. She wants to focus on not just hard news, but the community in and around Stevenson.  

Leah’s priorities for the Villager website include posting better profiles of the editors and reporters so that staff members will get a little more recognition for their hard work. 

Other new editors include Corie Tucciarella, Managing Editor, and Andrew Brosky, Articles Editor. The Managing Editor is the assistant to the Editor-in-Chief and must be prepared to step in as editor-in-chief in case the Editor in chief falls ill or cannot perform their duties. The Articles Editor is in charge of coordinating the articles and making sure they are placed on the website.  

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