New tailgating policy adds excitement

Stevenson’s friends and family love to grill on game days. (Photo from Stevenson Flickr)

Stevenson University’s new tailgating policy is making its debut this fall. The new policy is a big change for members of the Stevenson students as well as parents, family and friends.

At the fall pep rally in August, 2017, Athletic Director Brett Adams announced in front of a gym filled with students that a new tailgating policy will be put in place. The gym erupted in a response of applause and cheers. He added that this new policy will allow students and fans to tailgate at the Owings Mills North campus on game days. Both Stevenson student-athletes and game-day attendees have mentioned their excitement about this new policy.

Student athlete Alexis Young said that the new policy is moving things in a new direction to change the culture at Stevenson. “It’s awesome that sports are able to be celebrated in a new way,” she said.

Junior nursing major Juli Ahumada added that “it’s good for student involvement, and it’s enhancing the school spirit here on campus.”

The newly built Dell Family Pathway adds convenience to travel between the new location in the parking lot of the Manning Academic Center and Mustang Stadium. Dr. Elliot Hirshman, Stevenson’s new president, has instituted this new tailgating policy with the hope that more students will attend the tailgates and carry the excitement over to sporting events.

Fans enjoy games, food, and fun prior to cheering on the Mustangs. (Photo from Stevenson flickr)

Previously, Stevenson’s tailgating policy was limiting for both students and outside fans. According to the previous policy, the tailgates were to be held in the Howard S. Brown School of Business parking lot on days where no classes were being held. The new policy will allow for an expanded tailgating experience including food, games and fun.

The tailgating policy found on states, “Whether you are a part of the Stevenson University community or a fan of the opposition, we intend to provide you with an enjoyable experience during your visit.”  This is one way that Stevenson is working to bring more people to sporting events through inclusion of all those attending the games.

For additional information about the new Stevenson University tailgating policy, contact the following through campus email: Athletic Director Brett Adams, or Greg Cullison, head of security, or call security at 443-352-4500.

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