New travel courses for 2019 announced

Study abroad opportunities and travel courses are prominent options for students to engage with other cultures.

Students in the summer 2017 MGT 440 course traveled abroad to Dublin, Ireland alongside professors Romas Laskauskas and Sy Saulynas. (Photo from Study Abroad Photo Gallery)

New travel courses for 2019 have been announced. With collaboration between Stevenson professors and the administrators of the Office of International and Off-campus Study, these courses continue to allow faculty members to teach the material they love in combination with travel.

Interested faculty submit a proposal through an online application which is first approved by their department chair and school’s dean. Proposals are then reviewed by the Faculty-led Travel Courses Subcommittee of the International and Off-Campus Study Advisory Committee.

As of now, the 2019 travel courses that are offered to students range from math and science, to English and humanities, to business and other major-specific classes. Students of any major are permitted to take one of the three-credit travel courses which are offered during Winterim, spring break, and summer.

Classes offered during Winterim 2019 include the following:

  • CHEM 206, Herbal Medecine and Remedies (Ecuador)
  • HSR 250, Topics in Human Services (Ecuador)
  • SL 101, Community as Your Classroom (Ecuador)

Classes offered during Winterim 2019 include the following:

  • CJUS 350, Special Topics in Criminal Justice (India)
  • INDSC 350, Topics in Interdisciplinary Studies (India)

Classes offered during spring break 2019 (as part of a spring semester course) in Europe include the following:

  • ART 305, Topics in Art History (England)
  • ENG 225, Topics in Creative Writing (England)
  • FDES 274, History of Fashion (England and France)
  • FDES 400, Special Topics in Fashion (England and France)
  • MATH 215, Mathematics and Art (Spain)

Offered in summer 2019 are the following:

  • MKT 311, Consumer Behavior (France and Italy)
  • MKT/INBUS 325, International Marketing (France and Italy)
  • HIST 211, Topics in History (Ireland)

Students traveled to Ecuador during the 2018 Winterim as part of the study abroad initiative. (Photo courtesy of Dr. Rebecca Pisano)

“Any students with the proper prerequisites for the travel courses are eligible to take them,” said Dr. Rebecca Pisano, associate dean for International and Off-Campus Study. “Many of the 2019 travel courses are SEE-certified and have wide appeal to students from various programs of study.”

As of Aug. 1, 2018, complete details for the 2019 travel courses and the application can be accessed on the SUGlobal site at

Travel courses allow students to benefit from the faculty leader’s knowledge, said Pisano, adding, “students will find that engaging in academic experiences abroad sets them apart from their peers and allows them to gain soft skills that are valued in a variety of careers.”

Students who participate in these opportunities are encouraged to put their experiences and travel courses on their resume in order to discuss outcomes from the skills used during their travels.

Studying abroad and travel courses offer ways to get involved in another culture while meeting major requirements. For further information, students can contact the Office of International and Off-Campus Study through email at

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