On-campus jobs offer many opportunities

Stevenson University offers a variety of different job opportunities available to students on both campuses. Many offices and departments offer employment opportunities that include tutors, receptionists, coffee baristas, fitness center assistants, and much more. Although there are endless opportunities on campus, students may still wonder how to apply.

New fitness instructor Tyler Didra teaches yoga classes in Wooded Way on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. (Photo by Dannielle Decastro)

In order to start the job application process, there are multiple online resources available, including the Stevenson Portal page. Selecting the Human Resources department, students can then click on student employment. From there, students have access to a link that will take them directly to on-campus jobs that are available.  Jobs are constantly shifting on the website, and, therefore, students are encouraged to check the website often to see what positions are available at any given time.

The Office of Career Services also posts positions that are available online through Handshake. These two resources allow students to view the specific qualifications each job opportunity requires as well as what skills are needed to be successful.

Once students have selected the position that interests them, the application process is similar to most other job applications. Students are expected to submit a fully up-to-date resume. The Office of Career Services can provide pointers on student resumes prior to applying to any job.

Senior Zaria Greene makes testing and tutoring appointments at her job in the Academic Link. (Photo courtesy of Zaria Greene)

Additionally, students are required to submit their hours of availability for the semester. Once students have submitted their application, a confirmation number is then emailed to them. At this point, a hiring manager has access to all student applications to review.  Students will also be required to have an in-person interview with their potential employer of the department. The director of employment in Human Resources, Lorrie A. Rowland, suggests that students apply for numerous jobs since getting out of their comfort zone might be a good idea.

Stevenson is well aware that students have busy schedules between classes, homework and extracurricular activities. On-campus jobs offer flexible work hours to students based on class schedules. Many on-campus jobs require students to work 10-12 hours per week.

Stevenson University’s on-campus jobs provide students with the opportunity to network with peers and employers, providing them with skills to succeed in the workplace.

Sue B. Gordon, the vice president of Career Services, said, “The top skills employers seek are communication, teamwork collaboration, oral and written communication, and problem-solving kind of skills. All of these you get when taking an on-campus job.”

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