Performance center offers new gym experience

Located at 10 Light St. in the heart of Baltimore, the exceptional and world-class Under Armour Performance Center has served as the training hub for many professional athletes. The modern and striking entrance to the building suggests that what is inside is light years ahead of any competitors.

A dedicated team of fitness professionals works at the Performance Center to enhance athletes’ performance. (Photo from FX Studios)

Compared to gyms such as Planet Fitness, Gold’s Gym or LA Fitness, the Under Armour Performance Center is superior in terms of equipment quality. Anything an athlete could ever need for a workout can be found in this gym including medicine balls, treadmills, kettle bells, and much more.

The gym offers a beautiful view of Baltimore from its outside workout area. Unlike most gyms, all of the workout equipment is brand new, as if it had just been opened that day, and nobody had touched it before. With the city view, the gym has turf fields and other outdoor workout equipment for training purposes. The artificial turf surfaces are perfect for cardio or agility exercises.

The environment in the gym is very modern and upbeat, with a wide variety of pump-up music. Anyone is welcome; whether it’s an athlete looking for an intense and competitive workout, or someone just looking to do some cardio on the treadmill, the performance center can meet just about anyone’s needs. Not once did the performance center feel over-crowded. There is plenty of room to complete a workout without being in someone else’s way. Even with group workout sessions going on, it is very spacious. At the gym, you can wear only Under Armour apparel, and there is a retail store inside of the performance center for people to shop.

All of the employees at the Under Armour Performance center are very helpful and wiling to assist with any needs. They are smart when it comes to their knowledge both of exercise and equipment. The gym also offers personal training sessions, so there are a variety of trainers there who are skilled at teaching specific workouts.

The gym itself is fairly expensive for those who want to become full-time members. An annual contract is $50 per month paid for the year, but if you pay monthly, it is $65 per month. However, there are additional features at the performance center like a spa and a hair salon, which are not customary for most gyms. Becoming a member includes 35,000 square feet of workout space, unlimited group classes, over 70 pieces of cardio equipment, performance turf field strength training equipment, access to full-service locker rooms, access to a sauna and steam room, consultation and movement screens, fitness testing, and ​quarterly member challenges as part of the “Connected Gym Experience.” All of the available services and equipment are well worth the cost of becoming a member.

It is quite clear that the Under Armour Performance Center is unlike any other gym. Open from 5:30 a.m. to 10 p.m., the gym makes it easy to work out virtually all day long. Being in the same space that has been used by athletes including Julio Jones and Cam Newton is an unbelievable experience.

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