Restaurant offers egg-focused meals

Affordable, delicious and efficient are just a few words that describe the experience at Eggspectation. Located at 10209 Grand Central Ave. in Owings Mills, Eggspectation is an eatery that provides satisfaction in both service and appetite.

Eggspectation is a popular chain that offers American dishes made with eggs. (Photo courtesy of Edward Bennett)

Eggspectation is a popular chain that offers American dishes made with eggs. (Photo courtesy of Edward Bennett)

When entering the restaurant, I was greeted with a smile from the hostess, who immediately inquired about the seating choices and placed me where I felt comfortable. The building has a rustic, warm ambience with a modern interior.

There are abstract paintings on the walls and soft jazz played in the background. The bar is placed in the center of the restaurant with televisions surrounding it. The smell of fresh roasted coffee and maple syrup greeted my olfactory senses as the waitress approached the table.

Lemon-infused water and fresh, pulp-filled orange juice was delivered to the table. While looking over the selections and prices, I listened to the specials on the menu as the waitress explained them. She described her personal favorites to help with selection. The prices were reasonable, and the menu had more variety than just egg-inspired dishes. I decided to choose the Montreal Smoked Meat Omelet with fried potatoes and a pickle.

While waiting for the food, the waitress checked on me periodically and refilled my beverages. The food came out in 20 minutes and looked very appetizing. The omelet was wrapped in corned beef with the potatoes and pickle on the side. The omelet was soft, cheesy with every bite and cooked to perfection. The corned beef was tender but could have used a little more seasoning. Potatoes were seasoned well and the pickle was delectable.

The pancakes had powdered sugar, hot butter and warm syrup accompanying them. They were a nice size, soft and tasted better with every bite.

Overall, Eggspectation is the place to visit for good food, great hospitality and relaxation. The food, décor and service will make one feel right at home.

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