Senior learns from Under Armour

A senior interdisciplinary studies major at Stevenson University was chosen by Under Armour for its Career Combine program, along with 39 other college students. Mike Carter was selected to be part of the highly competitive program based on a number of factors.

Mike Carter, a member of Stevenson’s football team and a senior interdisciplinary studies major, participated in the UnderArmour Career Combine. (Photo by Sabina Moran)

The program was held January 4-6 at the Under Armour Global Headquarters in Baltimore. For admission into the Combine, Carter had written a 400-word essay about how his brother, who was diagnosed with autism, inspired him to continue his college education. Carter wanted to show his brother the value of education and set a good example.

Participants were required to be enrolled in a two- or four-year college, be in their first, second or third academic year, have a college GPA of at least 2.75, have graduated from a Baltimore city public or private school and currently be involved in activities on campus or have a part-time job.

Students chosen for the program had three days to learn about business, allowing them to develop various skills in preparation for a future career. Students were taught how to dress professionally, prepare for an interview, properly present their ideas, think critically, solve problems as a team, be innovative when designing products and more. Students were able to network, meeting others with similar qualities and interests.

The main part of the program involved students working together in teams to design ideas for a piece of clothing to be worn by a 9-year-old. Carter’s group product, the breakaway polo, was presented to Under Armour’s team leaders. It included detachable sleeves and a detachable collar, a tribute to the fact that the young boy was very active.

Carter said, “He could take the sleeves and the collar off when he went to play sports, and re-attach them when he went home or to school.” This would provide a two-in-one clothing item, perfect for those who are always on the go with busy lives.

In addition to the business challenge, students took part in various career workshops, participated in volunteer activities, and had a chance to take a tour of Under Armour’s headquarters and facilities. Under Armour provided opportunity to prepare the students for their futures with the Career Combine program, all while giving them an unforgettable and unique experience that would enhance the quality of their resume.

“It was a great experience,” Carter said. “I was able to establish relationships with current Under Armour employees, as well as peers I would have never met without the program.”

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