SOBL to host poster showcase

On Wednesday, Nov. 29 the Brown School of Business and Leadership will host its second student poster session from 2-4 p.m. in the Rockland banquet room.

This year’s poster session will include 44 posters from students from a variety of majors. (Photo courtesy of Barbra Rowell)

The event started in 2016 when the chair of the accounting department, Barbara S. Rowell, suggested that the Brown School of Business initiate a poster session with faculty and students collaborating on the event. Last year’s poster session included students in a variety of majors including accounting, digital marketing, information systems and legal studies, among others.

This year’s event will include 44 posters from eight different classes ranging from marketing to accounting, auditing, computer information systems and entrepreneurship. With Rowell directing the event along with other faculty and staff, the showcase gives students an opportunity to research a project, create a poster and present their findings in a public and formal setting.

Poster sessions give students the ability to research real world issues and present the information found to a group of faculty, staff and fellow students. This allows the students presenting to obtain an insightful real life experience that can aid them in future job opportunities.

Students participating in the poster session were able to research any topic that intrigued them. (Photo courtesy of Barbra Rowell)

Topics include, “Water Purification” by Tiffany Jordan and Andrew Keenan; “Meal 4 Meal: Fighting Child Food Insecurity One Meal At A Time,” by John Maniatty, Chris Campbell, and Daniel Halla Brown; “Safe Shelter for Domestic Violence Victims,” by Jessica Wagner, Tiffany Jordan, and Sara Downing, and “Knowledge After School Program (KASP)” by Andrew Catalana, Trevor Taylor, and Yousef Rizkallah Brown. Additionally, interested students can learn about “The Correlation of Financial Analysis of Apple Inc. and the Stock Trend,” by Amber Deter, Kevin Murray, Ryan Nowicki and Jake Vanko;  “How Nike’s Financial Analysis Correlates With Its Stock Prices,” by Brendan Cole, Thomas Kammer, Alex Kidwiler, and Cam Rudasill; and “Sears Holdings and Their Downfall,” by Brittany Miller, Greata Etey-Benissan, Jivan Sidhu, and Katherine Kraft. Other topics include “What drives Tesla’s Stock Price?” by Taylor Riggs, Patrick Kane, Carolyn deGuzman, Taesha Andre, and Shannon Floyd; and “Correlation Between Under Armour Financial Statements & Stock Prices,” by Alex Roos, Carly Ensor, Kristina Lo, and Kyle Bosko.

Those who have any additional questions about the event can contact Rowell through campus email. All are invited to attend the event.

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