SPOTLIGHT: Jordan Harris

There comes a time when a true, hard worker needs to be acknowledged, and that worker is Jordan Harris. She is from Baltimore, Md., and is an alumni of Notre Dame Preparatory School, of the graduating class of 2013.

Harris came to Stevenson University to be a nursing major. In her younger years, she thought she might want to be a doctor, but after she saw her family members in and out the hospital, Harris realized that it is not the doctors who make strong bonds with the patients — it is the nurses who help patients have the best experience possible. Thus, her career was set in motion.

She is looking forward to earning her Bachelor’s degree in nursing, and though she is not quite sure what field she will enter when she graduates, she has two choices in mind, going into the navy for nursing or becoming a pediatric nurse.

Harris loves all parts of her studies, but said, “I love clinicals because I love interacting with the patients, and it is nice to feel like a real nurse.” During clinicals, students help patients with just about everything except medicine. Harris enjoys making professional friendships with the patients at the hospital.

When she is not in class or in clinicals, Harris is a Resident Assistant (R.A.) on the fourth floor of the Patapsco residence hall. Becoming an R.A. has made Harris more active on campus among students. She adores helping her residents feel more comfortable at Stevenson, and one example of this is the November Thanksgiving event she and her faculty mentors planned for the residents of Patapsco.

Harris also helped organize a talent show for the Patapsco fourth-floor residents.

During her free time, Harris like to catch up on her sleep and watch Scandal and How to Get Away with Murder.  But what she likes doing the most is going back home and playing with her cats. This busy student is a great example of how it’s possible to find a career and a life at Stevenson.

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