Spotlight: Lauren Novsak

“The SGA is one of the biggest advocates students have on this campus but if students do not utilize us as a resource we cannot take the appropriate steps to improve their Stevenson experience,” said Lauren Novsak, the new director of public relations for the Student Government Association. After a year of serving as sophomore class representative, Lauren was recently named director of public relations for the SGA, a position beginning in the fall of 2017. Lauren hopes to encourage more students to be active members of their campus community at Stevenson.

Lauren Novsak (standing), with two other student workers, cherishes her time with Mission: I’m Home. (Photo courtesy of Lauren Novsak)

Lauren has been a part of the SGA since her first year at Stevenson. In her first year, she ran for freshman class representative but did not get the position. Instead, she found a way to stay involved, joining the senate. Shortly after, Lauren decided to run again and won the position of sophomore class representative for her second year at Stevenson. Lauren was then approached by SGA member Brittany Appleby who convinced her to run for the public relations position. “Our conversation kind of sealed the deal,” said Lauren.

To run for the position, Lauren had to submit two letters of recommendations, one from faculty or staff and one from a peer, as well as a cover letter and a resume. Once Lauren got the approval, she had to campaign during a designated period which started February 27, 2017.

Lauren will start her position as in PR in the 2017-2018 academic year, when she will be responsible for almost all written material that is released externally from the SGA. She will also keep the Student Government’s social media and website up to date and write press releases to be released via SGA’s social media, website, and through the school newspaper. Lauren will also oversee the production of any promotional videos that may be made for the SGA.

Her hope is to “redefine the role in the next year to really serve as a liaison between the SGA president, vice president, and student body, basically to act as a press secretary,” she explained.

Lauren believes that her position in public relations will give her real world experience that will help her in a future career. “This position is unlike any other leadership position I have had at Stevenson and really gives me the opportunity to hone my skills,” she said. This position focuses on public and community relations which ties into Lauren’s major of business communication.

Students are encouraged to join SGA’s open meetings, follow the organization on social media, and check out the website at​.

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