Stangs discuss the upcoming east campus baseball field

SU baseball takes dominating 13-5 win over the Eagles of Eastern University on Saturday afternoon at Sugar Field in Stevenson.

By: Tayla Wibecan

With the welcome of new fields on the East Campus expected to be finished in the Spring of 2022, some Mustang athletes are happy for the fresh facilities while others are disappointed that they will not have the new fields promised to them.  Some of them are seniors who are upset that they will now never have a chance to play on the improved grounds.  

SU baseball at Sugar Field in Stevenson, photo from Media Library.)

One of the unhappy athletes is senior baseball player, Matt Reich. “We’ve been bamboozled,” he said, referring to the fact that the new baseball diamond is one of the projects that is not yet complete.    

When Reich was recruited to play for the Mustangs he was told that he would have a new field by his senior season.  But now that won’t happen.  The school has already announced that the baseball fields won’t be finished until the Fall of 2022, a few months too late for the seniors.   

Matt Hinderliter, a senior pitcher, says he wishes the field would have been completed on time.  That would save him a 20-minute drive each day and it would have kept him from having to share with a high school team that also practices on the Greenspring Campus.   Despite this lone disappointment, Hinderliter says that he’s generally had a good experience at Stevenson, making close friends and enjoying playing ball for the Mustangs.  

Senior shortstop Billy McAdam says, “It sucks, I wish I had it for (my) undergrad (seasons), but stuff happens.” McAdam may come back for a 5th year, as a graduate student, and says he’s excited by the prospects of playing on a brand-new field.  He said he’s met some lifelong friends in the Stevenson baseball program, including his roommates. Women’s lacrosse is one of those lucky teams that will be playing on a new field this spring. “I feel bad that not everyone’s fields are going to be done by their senior year, but I’m happy ours will” said a senior attacker on the women’s lacrosse team. Another senior, a defender, said, “When I was getting recruited, they told me the new fields would be finished by my junior year, but I guess Covid pushed that back. I’m just excited to at least be able to play on it my senior year.”  

(Stangs on Sugar Field located at Greenspring campus, photo from Media Library.)

With COVID-19 having a major impact on the delay of construction, the East Campus is now projected to be finished by the Fall of 2022.  

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