Stevenson alum applies her skills on campus

Stevenson University alum Julie Mazer has returned to campus as the marketing manager for SU’s dining service and food provider, Sodexo.

SU alum Julie Mazer serves as the marketing manager for Sodexo dining services. (Photo courtesy of Lauren Dawkins)

Mazer started working for Sodexo almost a year ago; however, her connections to the school started well before that. After graduating in 2013 with a degree in business communication, Mazer came back to Stevenson to earn her master’s degree in business and technology management. Mazer said that she knew that if she ever wanted to further her education, she would come back to Stevenson to do so. Thus, it was no surprise when she returned to pursue her career at the school.

While a student at Stevenson, Mazer worked at many internship sites, including work at Clear Channel Radio and with Joseph Bank Corporate.

“The worst job experiences are the best experiences,” said Mazer, and admitted trying to wear “multiple hats” when deciding where she was going to work next. After a few internships and other learning experiences, Mazer felt her work was not leading to a successful career, so she decided to look for a more substantial position. That’s when she found Sodexo.

The environment in which someone works is important to Mazer. She explained that even though she works for Sodexo and is not a Stevenson employee, working on the campus still makes her feel like she is a part of the community.

“This places feels like home,” Mazer said as she explained why she loves her job. She felt that there was no better way to continue expand her marketing experience than in the comfort of a familiar environment.

Mazer wants all employees of Sodexo to enjoy their work, and students to enjoy their dining experience as well. Over the past year, her work within Sodexo has encouraged workers to think of their job as a team effort. “You’re only as strong as your weakest player,” she said, so she tries to add a personal touch when looking to improve the environment.

One of her first objectives was to make sure all of the employees knew each other, according to employee Sergio Capuano, who has been working for Sodexo at Stevenson for eight years. He has known Mazer since she was a student and describes her as having a friendly and lively personality. Another employee, Amanda Darden, said that Mazer is “a sunshine to me” and emphasizes the word ‘amazing’ when describing the young manager.

Mazer loves her job and said that her supervisors at Sodexo let her express her creativity and don’t restrain her ideas. She has known some of the staff and faculty with whom she interacts since she was a student. She explained that she particularly loves the one-on-one experiences and appreciates that the school really wants students to succeed. Therefore, she strives to do right by her alma mater and for the current students through her efforts.

Feedback is particularly important in her line of work. In order for Mazer to succeed, she encourages students to tell her what they want. Sophomore Taysia Phelps said that she remembers Mazer from her efforts to get students to share their opinions about the dining services at Sodexo through surveys she creates.

“She always brings both a positive attitude and positive energy wherever she goes,” said Phelps, noting how the Rockland Marketplace has changed since Mazer started working.

Implementing new foods and events based on the feedback she has received from students, Mazer has worked hard to improve the dining experience at Stevenson University. With the addition of a new coffee shop, make-your-own-smoothie bar and stir-fry stations at the Rockland Marketplace, carnival eats once a month, and more, Mazer’s work has had an immense impact on the students at the school. With her positivity and ability to understand and implement constructive feedback, Mazer will continue to do well as the current unit marketing coordinator for Sodexo at Stevenson University.

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