Stevenson expands on-demand video channel

“One of the greatest innovations to come to Stevenson is SUTV, an on-demand interface for students and external parties,” said Aaron Harris, director of digital broadcast media.

Stevenson University has been producing videos about student life, athletics, academics and career services for over three years through social media and Stevenson’s website. One thing that was missing, however, was a channel dedicated to bringing these aspects together, available on-demand. According to John Buettner, interim vice president of digital marketing, President Kevin J. Manning came up with the idea of creating SUTV, with a goal to offer access to current students, prospective students, parents and alumni.

SUTVSUTV has been up and running for about a month. According to web director Brandon Seidl, SUTV had a “soft-launch” on March 9, 2016 to iron out any glitches and obtain feedback. The website includes eight different channels that can help users navigate the site. The eight channels are career services, events, academics, athletics, faces of SU, arts and culture, alumni and diversity.

Seidl said that his team is able to monitor user behavior, which lets them see what students are watching, what they’re not watching and what is most popular. The website is mobile-friendly, giving people access from virtually any device.

Harris spoke about the future of SUTV. His goal is to help students become more employable and to give them experience in the world of “web architecture.” Harris added that he hopes SUTV will bring more exposure to clubs and other activities at Stevenson.

The team that is behind SUTV, led by Harris and three full-time staff members, includes 10 students and is known as the “SUTV staff.” For the tech and web-based aspects of SUTV, Seidl acknowledged his web developer, Matthew Bonnitt, and web content manager, Lara Wilkinson, for keeping the service functional.

According to Seidl, there is no other institution that offers on-demand content to students and other outside parties like SUTV does. To see what Seidl and the SUTV Staff have to offer, please visit SUTV’s website.

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