Students design clothing line

With the recent eruption in the fashion industry targeting young adults, opportunity has emerged for Stevenson University students Najee Rudolph, Treasure Robinson and Aaron Coleman. Their clothing line, ‘Always Working,’ currently includes many different styles and fashions that vary depending on the season.

(Photos from ‘Always Working’ Instagram account)

The initial formation of the brand came from the common passion the three share for fashion.

“Discussing new and old fashion trends became second nature to us, and eventually we all agreed that we would do something unique and fresh, and it would be ours,” said Rudolph. Developing the brand name came from Coleman’s detailed high school sketches. After looking through these, the team decided ‘Always Working’ stood out from the rest. The next step was getting the proper legal documentation to certify their brand. The state of Maryland certified and now recognizes ‘Always Working’ as a brand and a company split equally three ways.

The culture behind ‘Always Working’ is that it is for the people. Coleman, Robinson and Rudolph all grew up watching their parents work hard to provide and get them where they are today. This is the inspiration of the brand. ‘Always Working’ merchandise symbolizes hard work, passion, and dedication.

Rudolph explained, “Everyone has work they need to do.We want consumers to wear our brand while being proud of whatever it is they do, and we want our products to show that we take pride in what we do.” At ‘Always Working,’ they want to encourage growth and match consumers’ hard work with their apparel.

Current stock of ‘Always Working’ ranges from T-shirts to hoodies, crew neck sweaters, athletics shorts, hats and other accessories. With each release of new merchandise, ‘Always Working’ introduces new colors to consumers. Though the brand is currently focusing on the fashion market, it does not want to be constrained only to clothing. Future goals of expansion will fall into place once the brand begins branching out from apparel, Rudolph said.

The leading item being sold by the ‘Always Working’ brand is its unique ‘dad hat’ collection. For more information about the brand and merchandise, visit and follow their Instagram and Twitter accounts @awsoftgoods.

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