Students HIIT the ground running

Sprint 8 is a fitness class designed to help students become healthier while learning to enjoy running.

Campus Recreation offers a variety of fitness classes every week, which gives the opportunity for students to try many different types of workouts. (Photo from Laura Waginger)

The Campus Recreation program this year at Stevenson has added a large variety of fitness classes for students, faculty, and staff. Sprint 8 is the newest fitness class at Stevenson, and it is very different from the other classes offered.

Sprint 8 is a fitness class based on a cardio program designed off of the high-intensity interval training (HIIT) model. Participants sprint for 30 seconds and then jog at a slow pace for 90 seconds to recover. This type of workout helps runners increase their cardiovascular endurance while boosting their speed and the power in their muscles.

This is the first semester Sprint 8 has been taught at Stevenson; the class began the week after spring break.. It is taught by senior psychology student, Justin Owens, who also teaches TRX Circuit Training, HIIT 45 and BODYSHRED.

“I attended a workshop to further my knowledge as an instructor, and the benefits of this program are unparalleled to any other exercises,” said Owens. Owens said he is committed to the program, and he wants his students to succeed and feel good about getting out of their comfort zone.

Owens wanted to start this program to bring something new to the Campus Recreation group fitness program.

“There are so many classes, and I want to try all of them and see what works for the students,” said Owens. “The advantage of Sprint 8 is that it’s held outdoors.”

The students in the class seem to enjoy the workout and want to challenge themselves more.

“I chose to do this class because my endurance has slowed down since high school, and I wanted to get my endurance back,” said Cara Desantis, a regular student in the class. She added that she hated the class at first, but she felt great after the class was over; that feeling made her want to come back for more.

The workouts push students to challenge themselves at any fitness level, but the overall goal is to leave with a feeling of success. Students can register for free fitness classes online through IMLeagues.

Sprint 8 is held on every Tuesday and Thursday from 7:15 to 7:45 p.m. on the grass field next to Mustang Stadium.

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