SU brings All-Star Challenge to campus

Intramural basketball players are welcome to compete. (Photo by Keagen Thomson)

Administrators of the Stevenson University intramural program are excited to announce their first-ever NBA All-Star Challenge on Thursday, March 14, from 9 p.m.-midnight in the Owings Mills gym.

Campus Rec recreates challenges from the famous NBA All-Star Game. (Photo from

This event will include several basketball contests for students to compete against themselves as well as others. “Its purpose is to bring something fresh to Stevenson,” said Kris DeJesus, a graduate assistant who oversees intramural sports.

The events will give students the chance to have fun and test their basketball abilities.

“I remember when I was younger, I would always watch the events during All-Star Weekend and would just wonder how I would do in them,” said DeJesus. Now students who ask the very same question can finally get an answer.

DeJesus expects that a good number of people will participate in this challenge. Popular games such as the 3-point contest, the dunk and layup contest, skills challenge, and the team shooting challenge are events that

Intramural basketball players are welcome to compete in the All-Star Challenge.  (Photo by Keagen Thomson)

DeJesus believes will appeal to students. He explained that a modification of the event is the dunk and layup contest. Since everyone doesn’t have the ability to dunk a basketball, those who have a fancy layup are  allowed to compete.

The All-Star Challenge impacts the Stevenson University’s community by diversifying the school activities that is offered. “This particular event brings an extra level of competition,” DeJesus said. It will be an intramural event, so varsity basketball players are not allowed to compete. However, everyone else, regardless of their basketball ability, is welcome to play.

Prizes for the event will vary based on the number of participants. Intramural champion shirts will be awarded to those who win. The top competitors of the 3-point contest will compete at the intramural basketball championship game’s halftime show. DeJesus encourages students to sign up early and play some entertaining, good quality basketball. Participants can also register for the event in person at the start of the competition or continue to register online.

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