SU Online provides career-focused education

Stevenson University Online (SUO) works with the online student body to complete their bachelor’s degree, master degree, or a bachelors to master’s option.

According the SUO website, students are provided with a career-focused education taught by faculty in each field. Cindy Madden, assistant director of communication, explained that Stevenson Online actually used to be called the School of Graduate and Professional Studies but has since changed its name to more closely reflect its mission.

The online school’s mission is to make sure each student’s education is a worthwhile experience.

“We provide online master and bachelor programs to working professionals,” explained Madden. The staff and faculty work closely with  students to make sure they complete their program in a timely manner. An admissions team, an enrollment team, and advisors known as success coaches help students find success online, said Madden.

SU online keeps consistent contact with all its students. “We pride ourselves on providing one-on-one attention,”  said Madden. Communicating with students includes Blackboard, video chat, email and phone calls, she added.

This program also has faculty members who work in the field in which they are teaching. “Students are learning to do things that they can take with them into their field. The faculty that we have teaching the courses are practitioners, so they bring real-world experience to their classes,” said Madden.

SU Online is constantly looking for ways to make the online experience better. “We’re always looking to improve. We do a lot of assessments to see where we are and how we can be better,” said Madden.

The five areas of study include tracks within each for Stevenson’s online courses. (Photo from Stevenson University Online)

There are five areas of study, each with tracks within the area through SUOnline. These areas include Nursing and Healthcare, Forensics, Law & Criminal Justice, Business Technology & Communication, Leadership & Strategic Management, and Teaching & Education.

The majority of students in the online programs are in Maryland, according to Madden. “We have 1400 students, so if they ever have problems or anything they usually come up and see us,” she said. Students work is graded according to standardized university policy. “There’s a rubric faculty go by, and students are in constant contact with professors,” said Madden.

According to Madden, SUOnline will host a professional studies webinar on Dec. 11, 2018, at noon. An open house on Jan, 5, 2019, from 8-11 a.m. will provide more information to those interested in pursuing an online degree.

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