SUTV video aims to promote diversity

The students at Stevenson University have been waiting patiently for the highly anticipated diversity video, produced by SUTV. According to SUTV student advisor, Christine Favata, the goal is “to spread the idea and promotion of diversity throughout SU.”

Student reporter Christine Favata interviews Kara Stone in a past SUTV video. (Photo from SUTV website)

The idea behind the video came from a trending video about diversity created by James Madison University students. The reporters asked a series of questions to campus students about diversity, including their thoughts about whether the campus was diverse in background, thinking and culture. The goal was to listen to the personal experiences of the students and examine the negative and positive connections of the university’s involvement with diversity.

Several key points arose from the JMU video. It was found that white students make up the majority of the campus, while students agreed that the campus lacked aspects of diversity when it came to culture. However, they did say that in experience they are naturally diverse. Differences are also seen outside of race at the university.

Stevenson’s SUTV staff wants to study information like this on the Stevenson campus, especially as a university that promotes diversity and inclusion. The SUTV team recruited a multitude of students to be a part of the video, and the faces of Stevenson’s diversity are aired on the video for all to see.

SUTV’s production staff has been working diligently, making sure the final touches are completed and the video has no technical issues. Those who worked on it want the video to be a great representation of the Stevenson campus. The focus is “all students, faculty, employees…anyone,” said Favata, adding that the bigger message is to hope that “whoever feels unsafe at times, understand that Stevenson is a place where they are welcomed, no matter what.”

The video can be found on SUTV’s web page:

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