Travel abroad with SU

Stevenson University Study Abroad has announced 2020 travel courses in Ecuador, Germany, Spain, and Texas, according to

Students who enrolled in the Winterim 2019 travel course got the opportunity to become fully immersed in the local culture of Ecuador. (Photo from the Stevenson University International and Off-Campus Study Facebook Page)

The classes being offered in Winterim 2020 in Ecuador will be CHEM 206 Herbal Medicines, taught by Dr. Tim Dwyer (fulfilling a laboratory science requirement); NURS 450 Global Nursing Perspectives, taught by Professor Vickie Cozad; and ENV 320 Field Studies in the Galapagos Islands, taught by Dr. Keith Johnson (fulfilling a laboratory science requirement), according to Dr. Rebecca Pisano, associate dean of global and experiential learning.

Spring break 2020 will offer PHIL 260/ART 280 Aesthetics, taught by Professor Lori Rubeling in Germany (fulfilling a SEE humanities requirement); MATH 215 Mathematics and Art, taught by Dr. Mark Branson in Spain (fulfilling a SEE quantitative literacy or fine art requirement); and FMI 331 Topics: Film Festivals & Media Marketing, taught by Professor Chris Reed. These courses will be a part of the spring 2020 semester.

Travel courses are an engaging way to study through Stevenson, including meeting some Stevenson Educational Experience (SEE) requirements. “Participants learn about a topic first-hand and explore different cultures and ways of like with fellow Stevenson students,” said Pisano, who has worked with study abroad programs at the university level for 18 years.

Sophomore Annya Pereira said she is interested in the NURS 450 course in order to experience a new culture and take advantage of the opportunity to study nursing abroad. While excited for the opportunity, she said she is nervous about traveling and not knowing others.

Sophomore Imani Kassembe took Service Learning 101 in Ecuador in Winterim 2019 and said while she was also nervous about not knowing many classmates, meeting new Stevenson students was one of her favorite parts of the experience. She added that spending time at her service site, working with children in a local preschool in Ecuador, was the highlight of the travel course.

In considering a travel course, it is important to discuss plans in advance with an academic advisor, check for course prerequisites, explore funding and scholarship options, be aware of particular travel course application deadlines, and apply early to reserve a space, said Pisano. Being prepared for the unexpected and researching the country’s culture are two other important tips, mentioned Kassembe.

If students are curious about why they should study abroad or have other questions about the program, they can find answers on the Stevenson study abroad website and refer to the FAQ page. Applications and cost information will be posted to SUGlobal this summer, according to Pisano.

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