Welcome to Wild Stang Radio

By: Ethan Jones

WSR, also known as Wild Stang Radio, is live and on the air.  With a fully loaded broadcast booth inside of Rockland Hall, the radio station is a club open to all students in any major.  More than that, it can be a paid work-study job for eligible students.  

The students who take advantage of WSR find that it fulfills many functions for them.  It allows them to express their musical tastes and/or show off their story-telling abilities in podcasts they create themselves.  

WSR broadcasts throughout the campus in places such as the Manuszak Center, Garrison Hall, and the bookstore. You can also listen to WSR on any device in the SU Now Portal under the Student Life and Campus Services tab where it says, “Wild Stang Radio” or at this link: https://live365.com/station/WSR-Stevenson-University-Radio-a49167.  Merlon Devine II  is a member of the WSR staff.  He’s not only learning about broadcasting there, but he also earned a little money, too, as part of a work-study program.   He said that he likes the fact the WSR allows students to have their own shows and display their musical interests.  He does point out, however, that there is one catch: “No explicit lyrics” on the WSR airwaves. 

Merlon said he’s “gaining a broader understanding” of people’s tastes in music through WSR.  That’s a valuable skill for him since he is creating and producing his own music, something he calls, “Wavy Music.” His music can be found on all platforms including Spotify and Apple Music. His debut album Sunset Pack, Vol. 1 came out on August 6, 2021.  

While working at WSR, Merlon encourages other students to share their passions and ideas.   He believes that Wild Stang Radio was the perfect forum for him. 

For further information regarding Wild Stang Radio, reach out to WSR@stevenson.edu.  

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