Yoga rave makes stress relief fun

Stevenson will be holding its second Yoga Rave this year on March 14 in Rockland banquet room from 8:15-10 p.m. The Office of Campus Recreation, which is hosting the event, hopes the rave will help students become aware of their energy and health while having a good time.

According to Yoga Rave USA, the initiative for this type of event was created by the Art of Living Foundation. The hope was to raise money to bring yoga, meditation and stress relief to college and university campuses. (Photo from Laura Waginger)

“This year’s event is projected to be bigger and better,” said Tyler Didrayoga instructor. “Participants can expect the night to be full of fun and color.”

Didra started practicing yoga when she was diagnosed with fibromyalgia at the age of 13. Yoga is helpful with comforting patients who suffer with disorders like fibromyalgia, heart disease, arthritis, anxiety, and cancer. Didra said that yoga helped her tremendously with the pain, fatigue and many other symptoms of fibromyalgia. Because of her passion for yoga, Didra became a yoga instructor and has been teaching yoga classes for four years.

The event will be interactive and will include a combination of yoga, Pilates, meditation, and dancing. This year’s DJ is Stevenson student Tyus Deshon Garcia. The event is a Glow theme, so students will receive accessory glowsticks to wear. Didra suggests wearing workout clothes or other comfortable clothes. Attendees can bring a mat or use one of the mats that will be provided at the event. Additionally, for any students who are participating in FITGO, their attendance at the event will earn them another entry into the raffle for a Tropical Smoothie gift card.

“The yoga rave is a fun-filled night you won’t want to miss,” said Laura Waginger, assistant director of campus recreation. “If you’ve never tried yoga before, this is definitely a great first class to try.”

Yoga may not be as complicated as it sometimes seems.

“It’s very relaxing and has many physical health and mental health benefits,” explained alumna Morgan Lawson, who is in the process of becoming a certified yoga instructor.

Yoga also has many benefits, such as reducing and preventing stress, and improving respiration, energy and vitality. Additionally, Lawson said that yoga can lessen or heal the pain, fatigue, and depression associated with cancer.

“This event will be enlightening and fun,” said DeJonna Farrar, a senior who attended last year’s event. She said the event drew a smaller crowd last semester, which made her first experience doing yoga easier, and she is excited for this year’s event.

Events such as the yoga rave and many other fitness and health events are sponsored through the Office of Campus Recreation, which is focused on introducing interactive activities on campus throughout the semester. The Office of Campus Recreation offers a number of fitness classes, outdoor adventures and intramural sports opportunities.

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