Students activities hosts new holiday event

Students activities hosts new holiday event

Mustang Activities and Programming Board (MAP) will host its first Frost Fest for students who want to enjoy the winter holiday atmosphere with free food, activities and giveaways.

Last year’s Holiday Jars event was a huge success. MAP expects even more students to attend this year’s combined event, Frost Fest. (Photo from MAP)

Frost Fest will take place on Thursday, Dec. 7, 2017 from 11 p.m.-1 a.m. in the Rockland banquet room, Conference Room A and Conference Room B.

Frost Fest is a free, on-campus event designed for Stevenson students to make personalized gifts for friends and families for holidays, during which they can save money and have a fun experience, said sophomore Jessica Lewis, program director.

MAP is a programming board, part of Stevenson’s Student Activities, that plans free on-campus activities for students and guests. MAP relies on student programmers as well as volunteers to host a variety of events. For this event, MAP is combining two events from previous years: Holiday Jars and Midnight Breakfast, and adding other activities.

“The event typically attracted mostly female students, so we decided to expand it to include many more activities that would appeal to various students at Stevenson,” said Jenna D’Onza, assistant director of student activities.

The annual Holiday Jars event enables students to fill a mason jar with the dry cookie ingredients of their choice. They then receive the paper recipe for the remaining wet ingredients and baking instructions. Students have the option to decorate the jars in any way they please and and give the jars away as holiday gifts.

Additional activities in the event include; photo snow globes, where students can take a photo with friends and then place inside the snow globe, holiday crafts for pets, hosted by The People for Animal Wellness Society (PAWS Club), a holiday movie, bingo with secret prizes in the first half of the event, and karaoke in the second half of the event.

D’Onza also noted that MAP is having breakfast for the event catered from Terri’s Cafe, a Stevenson favorite. Terri’s Cafe is owned by a family who has over 50 years of restaurant experience, located near Stevenson University.

More information on the event can be found on MAP’s Facebook page or website.