Spotlight: Jasmine Sterling

There comes a time in every shy girl’s life where she wants to break out of her shell and be

Jasmine Sterling
Jasmine Sterling

more outgoing on some level. Jasmine Sterling wants to be that girl. Despite the fact that Jasmine cheered for more than half her life, she still was shy. As the middle child, she has always been shy and private, but she has recently decide to step away from that.

Jasmine has been in the FMI (Film and Moving Images) major since her freshman year. She hopes to become a successful cinematographer or actress, and believes that in the film industry, a person cannot be shy because there are always new people to work with. This belief sparked her interest in trying to become more outgoing when it comes to interacting with people.

Once Jasmine arrived on campus, she kept to herself for the most part until the fall semester of her sophomore year. She joined the game day cheerleading team here but she knew she had to do more. To help herself be more confident and improve her style, Jasmine joined the Black Student Union allure models. She saw the group as a great opportunity to be around positive people and to take a step out of her element.

Jasmine initially may have joined the cheerleading team and the BSU Allure Models to add some extracurricular activities to her resume, but interestingly, these activities have helped her in many other ways.